The Oil&Gas industry adopts ESG metrics moving towards cleaner energy

June 14, 2021
"Amid the negative news of 2020, one bright spot was the rise in ESG statements and strategies among industrial companies, and in particular, the oil industry. While it was once a rarity to see an E&P company commit to reduce its carbon impact, now it is far more widespread. This trend has only just begun. More companies are measuring their carbon emissions, managing their operations more sustainably and reporting on these metrics."
See "Why the Energy Industry Needs to Build its Own Carbon Offset Exchange to get to Net Zero" by Kimmeridge.

"The oil and gas industry is highly diverse, and various companies could pursue very different strategies in the transition to net‐zero emissions. Minimizing emissions from core oil and gas operations  however  should  be  a  first‐order  priority  for  all  oil  and  gas  companies.  This includes tackling methane emissions that occur during operations and eliminating flaring. Companies should also electrify operations using renewable electricity wherever possible, either by purchasing electricity from the grid or  by  integrating  off‐grid  renewable  energy  sources  into  upstream  facilities  or  transport infrastructure.  Producers  that  can  demonstrate  strong  and  effective action to reduce emissions can credibly argue that their oil and gas resources should be preferred over higher emissions options."
"Carbon capture, utilization and storage. The oil and gas industry is already the global leader in developing and deploying CCUS. Of the 40 million tonnes (Mt) of CO2 captured today  at  large‐scale  facilities,  around  three‐quarters  is  captured  from  oil  and  gas operations, which often produce concentrated streams of CO2 that are relatively easy and cost effective to capture (IEA, 2020c). The oil and gas industry also has the large‐scale engineering, pipeline, sub‐surface and project management skills and capabilities to handle large volumes of CO2 and to help scale up the deployment of CCUS."
See "Net Zero by 2050" by International Energy Agency.
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Hunter Technology Corp. develops interactive software platforms powered by blockchain technology that digitalize and streamline physical oil trading throughout the transaction lifecycle. With its solutions, Hunter delivers more favorable economics and fair market access for all and promotes the transition towards a more environmentally and ethically responsible ecosystem. Its flagship product OilEx will connect independent oil producers, buyers, and traders in a trusted digital marketplace to optimize prices, simplify processes, improve transparency, and support a reduced carbon footprint. Through its data analytics capabilities, Hunter will offer real time supply chain management tools for tracking the origin, transhipment, and processing of hydrocarbons and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliance during their life cycle.

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