Hunter Technology Market Testing Pilot April Launch

Creating digital trust between independent producers, corporate consumers, traders and sovereign purchasers through the entire supply chain, from price discovery and trading, all the way through to scheduling and tracking logistics, back-office settlements and payments, minimizing transaction backlogs and reducing overall costs. Reconciliation and tracking is streamlined among all services related to the trade lifecycle, with significant improvements in managing settlements and logistics across the supply chain.

OilEx Platform

OilEx is a blockchain-based modular software platform for hydrocarbons, creating transparency and trust between buyers and sellers through the entire supply chain, from production through sale and delivery. The OilEx platform is designed to relieve both producers and purchasers from the historical analogue transaction burden by providing a digital pathway underpinned by secure document handling, providing for straight-through back-office settlements and payments. 

The platform enables the facilitation of physical oil transactions, with greater efficiency throughout the trade lifecycle, more favourable economics for producers, and access to a fair market for all.

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Trusted Marketplace

​Access a broader market of verified network of buyers and sellers to grow your business.

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Save Time


Get peace of mind managing your deal workflow process in one easy to use workspace.

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Digital Management

Smart matching algorithm and automated workflow solutions improve deal success.

OilEx Modules

The platform is structured into four functional modules: Marketplace, Identity, Transactions, and Settlement.  Each module will include core features to satisfy customer needs. 


A new paradigm of deal discovery facilitating physical oil transactions with greater efficiency throughout the trade lifecycle.

Market Access & Deal Discovery


Deal Discovery 
Supported by interactive maps showing market supply to systematically identify transaction opportunities.

Request for Quote function 
Supporting buyers to efficiently aggregate distributed smaller suppliers into single transaction tickets.

Smart Matching 
Powered by an algorithmic recommendation engine to reduce time and effort to find suitable trade counterparties.


Digital trade execution with a focus on security and efficiency with integrated and encrypted workflow solutions.

Streamlined & Secure


Transaction Management
Structured transactions workflow simplifying deal closing and execution along a controlled process chain including audit trail.

Encrypted message exchange between producer and buyer to negotiate a transaction and exchange deal documents.

Digital document safekeeping for each transaction keeping all relevant records and papers organized and available.


Creating a trust network based on secure identity management and ratings system.

Digital Trust & Privacy


Onboarding & KYC
Strict KYC ensures a trust basis between counterparties

Data rich profiles featuring secure identity management and production profiles.

Benchmarking and performance metrics building trust across all transactional touchpoints. 


Full transparency of transaction execution status, delivery tracking and reporting solutions.

Tracking & Reporting


Real-time payment status and monitoring

Delivery Tracking
Delivery status update tracking with full exception management

Automated production and availability of reports to support efficient compliance with recordkeeping and disclosure requirements.

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Supply Chain Intelligence

Full lifecycle reporting of the crude oil supply chain from oil reserves through wellhead production, storage, transhipment and end consumption.

Providing sovereigns, government ministries, auditors, inspectors and other strategic interests with immutable data intelligence for tracking hydrocarbons produced from within sovereign territory.

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Tracking physical oil throughout the supply chain and automating the reporting process.



Streamlining reporting and communication between governments and businesses.



Digitalizing physical goods and assets to provide better supply chain management and audit.


Focused on building the network and transaction processing in 2021​

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