Data Analytics

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A physical oil supply chain intelligence solution for sovereigns

OilExchange is a data gathering and advanced analytics solution.

It provides efficient transparency for governments and large producers on their complex physical oil value chains: from production and environmental impact to storage and trade.

Gather comprehensive data

Dedicated Apps and system integrations to efficiently collect data at production, storage and export
Data Standardization and cleaning as a foundation for integrity and validity

Automate analysis

Data Enriching, grouping and insights extraction
Prediction Engine to forecast activity patterns and predict trends

Monitor and share transaction activity

Interactive Dashboards and tailored reports with export option
Event Flagging, Notifications and scenario visualizations

For sovereigns

Sell crude oil on OilEx in an open and fair marketplace to existing and new buyers. Market your product faster, discover better prices and vastly reduce manual transaction overhead.

For producers

Reduce overhead costs and errors in mandatory regulatory reporting. Protect privacy of production data. Use collected information to track production performance and take strategic decisions.

For traders

Gain access to aggregated real-time market intelligence for strategic buying decisions. Feed production data into prediction and pricing models. Ensure product provenance and supply chain history.

The Impact of Data Transparency

Better and more efficient transparency of sovereign oil production directly impacts economic outcomes.

Optimized taxation

Strengthen strategic planning, management, control and collection capacities of tax and customs agencies.

Support intra-government collaboration to improve taxation compliance and enforcement.

Better control and monitor tax and customs exemptions and tax arrears.

Increased investment

Improve tax forecasting accuracy to enhance public investment performance, boosting growth and development.

Fortify internal audit controls and ensure transparency of fiscal reporting.

Simplify trading and taxation procedures to promote economic efficiency and attract more trade and foreign direct investment.

Strategic development impact

Achieve immediate impact on governance and infrastructure improvement initiatives.

Help meet the needs for increased social spending and sustainable development.

Provide reliable data and proof of progress on international development goals and environmental protection commitments.