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MONDAY, MAY 10, 2021

Hunter Technology Intensifies Blockchain Engagement With New Partnership

We are a technology company, dedicated to providing a physical oil marketplace powered by a proprietary blockchain to enable independent crude oil producers to access a global market for the marketing and sale of their production; allowing buyers to access production that would otherwise be inaccessible or uneconomic to acquire or trade.


By marketing physical commodities on a blockchain solution, producers, traders and consumers benefit from faster exchange of trade conditions, improved data integrity, and enhanced reliability with all records verified in real-time.

This decentralized and highly scalable platform connects buyers and sellers in a seamless manner from purchase to delivery and payment. This results in the creation of a versatile digital environment for commodities transactions for sovereign, industrial and corporate purchasers with access for speculative investors.



OilEx creates a digital trust through the entire supply chain


Independent Producers

Optimizing pricing by connecting to a broader set of buyers and traders​



Accessing an untapped network of trusted independent producers



Opening the market to verified buyers and sellers, while simplifying and digitizing complex workflows



Improving crude oil supply chain intelligence

Creating a new OilEx industry


Digitalization of crude oil transactions

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Improved transparency
Operational efficiencies
Supply chain management

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Improved trust between parties

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Immutable track record of buyers and sellers
Performance rating system
ESG Values and Compliance


Real-time compliance audit

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