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About Us

We are a technology company, dedicated to providing a physical oil marketplace powered by a proprietary blockchain to enable independent crude oil producers to access a global market for the marketing and sale of their production; allowing buyers to access production that would otherwise be inaccessible or uneconomic to acquire or trade.


By marketing physical commodities on a blockchain solution, producers, traders and consumers benefit from faster exchange of trade conditions, improved data integrity, and enhanced reliability with all records verified in real-time.

This decentralized and highly scalable platform connects buyers and sellers in a seamless manner from purchase to delivery and payment. This results in the creation of a versatile digital environment for commodities transactions for sovereign, industrial and corporate purchasers with access for speculative investors.



OilEx creates a digital trust through the entire supply chain


Independent Producers

Optimizing pricing by connecting to a broader set of buyers and traders​



Accessing an untapped network of trusted independent producers



Opening the market to verified buyers and sellers, while simplifying and digitizing complex workflows



Improving crude oil supply chain intelligence

Creating a new OilEx industry


Digitalization of crude oil transactions

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Improved transparency
Operational efficiencies
Supply chain management

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Improved trust between parties

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Immutable track record of buyers and sellers
Performance rating system
ESG Values and Compliance


Real-time compliance audit

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Real-time transactional data 
Immutable audit trail
Encrypted communication channels



Dr. Ghertsos has served as Director of Supply for Inver Energy Ltd. in Ireland and was previously a Senior Trader at MRI Trading in Switzerland. He has also held several key trading and senior executive roles in European public companies. Dr. Ghertsos holds a BSc in Oceanography and Marine Biology from the University of Southampton, a Matrise (Master's Degree) in Marine Ecology from the University of Paris VI, & a PhD in Oceanography & a DEA in Data Analysis & Computer Modeling from the University of Lille I.

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Since 1995, Mr. Hromyk has been Principal of First Finance Limited and its predecessor, Century Capital Management Ltd., Private Equity firms with a proven track record of returning significant value to stakeholders by making early mover strategic investments in advance of developing markets or cycles through both private and public companies. Mr. Hromyk has supported and operated chemical and energy operations domestically in the Permian Basin, Central and South Texas, Arkansas, Alberta and internationally.


An active investor, Mr. Hromyk has been involved with companies developing a diverse range of technologies, from enhanced and conventional hydrocarbon recovery processes to wireless infrastructure and has participated in numerous industrial and commercial real estate developments. Mr. Hromyk has served as a director of several private companies that became publicly traded on NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX. Mr. Hromyk studied Economics at Chaminade University and the University of British




Mr. Fernandez is multi-faceted global executive with over two decades of global financial services and technology experience. His career spans four countries on three continents and includes names such as Deloitte, Russell Investments, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. He has held a number of Board roles and works regularly with start-ups to assist in developing strategic business plans focused on scaling globally, as well as facilitating fund raising activities. He holds a BA in Economics from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York.

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Contact Us

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Suite 1800, 510 West Georgia St., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6B 0M3



Thank you very much for your interest, we'll get back to you soon!

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