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Making essential energy industries more sustainable

Hunter Technology emerged from combining an independent oil producer in Texas with a fintech startup in Hong Kong. As a Canadian publicly traded company that operates with the agility of a startup, we focus on digital marketplaces and data analytics for energy resources.

A digital revolution

Across industries, digital marketplaces reshape the way trading parties connect, build trust and shake hands at a distance.

An equal digital revolution in trading of physical energy is inevitable. We build for this change on blockchain.

Why blockchain?

It incentivises collaboration and creates robust ecosystems.


Access, tracking and controlled shared data while preserving commercial privacy


Aggregated data, common record, connection to external services


Single secure destination, immutable shared records, use of cryptography


Aggregation of multiple offers, enabling smart contracts, auctions and electronic tenders

Our team builds on years of pioneering blockchain expertise at FinFabrik, acquired by Hunter in 2020.

Augmenting from
the inside

Dealing in physical resources requires an acute understanding of the industry. Product qualities, pricing, logistics, and financing: each oil patch is unique.

The business of trading crude oil values tradition for good reasons. In high-risk volatile markets, professionals deal with people they can trust.

Inspired by how the energy industry operates, we expand upon established practices and high-trust networks.

Our solutions meet complexity with respect, enabling custom workflows and building on insights from within the industry.

Respecting Resources

Natural energy resources are unique earthly products derived from ancient organic materials deep in the ground.

Human ingenuity turned these hydrocarbons into fuel and materials powering our modern economy, deeply embedded in our lives. It is not just heat and transportation. Food supply, medicine, electronics and building materials all rely on oil and gas.

Why Now?

Today the world is at an inflection point of energy transition, preparing for renewables to take over from fossil fuels. However, the essential role of hydrocarbons will not be replaced for decades to come.

Growing populations and developing economies will require more from the energy industry while sustainability becomes non-negotiable.

To us, helping to protect our planet means both: transitioning into new sources of energy and making our continued use of hydrocarbons more sustainable.

We see our contribution in bringing practical digital solutions to energy resources trading.